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Bluetooth Thermal Printer

3 Inch Bluetooth Thermal Printer Bluetooth mobile thermal printer BTP300 is a small, lightweight mobile receipt printer with 3 inch printer head that brings user convenience and functionality to any mobile receipt printing application. Bluetooth Printer supports Windows and Android OS. It has Large Capacity Battery and consumes Low power.Built for field Applications like Cable TV Rental Collection, Bus Ticketing, Billing, and Pygmy & Loan Collection etc. Specifications Hardware Battery Li-Po Battery(1500mAh) Input power 9V,1A DC Printer 3 inch Thermal Printer Print resolution 8dot/mm (0.125mm/dot) 203dpi Printing speed 40 mmps Printer Head reliability 50Km Cutter method Tear bar Paper end sensor Available Internal LEDs Notifies errors and printer status Interface Bluetooth, USB 2.0, 5m Range Dimensions (L×W×H) in mm 145x106x60 Weight 307g Software Print font English – 9 x 15 (W x H) Character size 1.5 x 3.0 mm(W x H) Data buffer Up to 1KB Logo store memory Maximum 4KB Software interface ESC/POS emulation Software Platform Android Features Supports Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and Android OS Bluetooth - 5m Range 50km TPH life Low power consumption Large capacity battery Build for field applications Supports with Android Billing Softwares

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